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Poor Nastya [COMPLETE]

Bednaya Nastya

EN 100% Russia, Romance

Poor Nastya [COMPLETE]


Set in the XIX century, this drama revolves around the lives of aristocrats and serfs in a tangle of romance, mystery, tragedy, and historical drama...

Original title
Bednaya Nastya
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
10-31-2003 to 04-30-2004
Russia Romance Costume & Period


Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 1 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 1 (Part 1)
EN 98% Russia
Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 2 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 2 (Part 1)
EN 100% Russia
Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 3 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 3 (Part 1)
EN 100% Russia
Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 4 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 4 (Part 1)
EN 90% Russia
Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 5 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 5 (Part 1)
EN 100% Russia
Poor Nastya [COMPLETE] Episode 6 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 6 (Part 1)
EN 100% Russia

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Poor Nastya [COMPLETE]

Poor Nastya [COMPLETE]

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