When you’re the youngest in a family of six children, it can be blessing and a curse. Tao Hua (Cyndi Wang) has five older brothers: Chen Qi (Ken Chu), Chen Cheng (Gaby Lan), Chen Zhuan (Ding Chun Cheng), Chen He (Godfrey Gao) and Yu Yi (Wong Jing Lun). The four eldest brothers are very overprotective of Tao Hua and have put Yu Yi in charge of watching over her in high school. When Shi Lang (Jiro Wang) moves into the neighborhood, he meets Tao Hua on a rainy day and she falls in love with him. Tao Hua’s brothers don’t believe Shi Lang is good enough for their sister, so they hire Xue Zhi Qiang (Calvin Chen) to distract her from Shi Lang. Can Tao Hua convince her brothers that she should be in charge of her own heart? “Momo Love” is a 2010 Taiwanese drama series directed by Qu You Ning.
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Original title
Romanized title
Tao Hua XIao Mei
Broadcast Period
2009-10-18 to 2010-01-10
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