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Runaway Sweetheart
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What would possess a young woman to move to the other side of the world? Ni Shu Lei (Jin Cheng) grows up in the United States after losing both her parents. When she sees track star Shan Han Fei (Chen Xiang) on television, she falls instantly in love with him and is encouraged in her own life by his success. But when Han Fei leaves the sport after suffering an injury, Shu Lei is so dismayed that she is determined to go find him and encourage him to return to the sport. She moves to China and enrolls in Han Fei’s all-boys’ college and is assigned to be Han Fei’s roommate. Forced to live as a man to attend the school, Shu Lei faces tricky situations every day. When a classmate, Chocolate (Xu Jia Wei), begins to develop feelings for Shu Lei, he questions his own sexuality. How long can Shu Lei keep up her dangerous ruse? “Runaway Sweetheart” is a 2013 Chinese drama series. It is the Chinese version of the “Hana Kimi” manga story, which also was a popular remake in Korea called “To the Beautiful You.”

Original title
Romanized title
Lup Pao Tian Xin
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The Sweetheart Team
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Broadcast Period
2013-01-26 to 2013-02-04
China Romance Comedy


Chen Xiang
Main Actor
Jin Cheng
Main Actor
Viola Mi
Supporting Actor

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