It's Alright, Daddy's Daughter

괜찮아, 아빠딸

Korea, Korean Drama

It's Alright, Daddy's Daughter
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There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being a daddy’s girl. It means that you love your father, and your father adores and possibly spoils you to show his love. But for Eun Chae Ryung (Moon Chae Won), more so than her older sister Ae Ryung (Lee Hee Jin) and younger brother Ho Ryung (Kang Won), being a daddy’s girl means she’s not only spoiled but also that she relies a little too much on her father, Eun Ki Hwan (Lee Jeong Kil), to take care of everything in her life. Everything could have been just fine with that set-up if it hadn’t been for Park Jong Suk (Jeon Tae Soo), the son of the owner of a prestigious law firm. Although Jong Suk comes from a great family, his affections for Chae Ryung are not returned. To get noticed, Jong Suk enlists the help of his friend Duk Ki (Shin Min Soo) to kidnap Chae Ryung but the plan is foiled by Chae Ryung’s father. In the ensuing argument between Jong Suk and Duk Ki, Jong Suk accidentally kills Duk Ki, but Chae Ryung’s father is accused of the murder. Under the stress of the wrongful accusation, Chae Ryung’s father suffers a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving his family in financial and emotional crisis. Will the situation force Chae Ryung to mature and help care for her family while also trying to prove her father’s innocence? “It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter,” also known as “It’s Alright, Daddy’s Girl,” is a South Korean drama series that originally aired on the SBS network from November 2010 to January 2011. It is directed by Go Hong Sik.

Original title
괜찮아, 아빠딸
Romanized title
Gwaenchanha, Appa Ttal
Also known as
It's Okay, Daddy's Girl
Volunteer Team
It's Alright, Daddy's Daughter Volunteer Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
11-22-2010 to 01-18-2011
Korea Korean Drama Drama Crime & Mystery Romance


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Main Cast
Choi Jin Hyuk
Main Cast
Moon Chae Won
Main Cast

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