Can a wealthy playboy meet a deadline to marry before his 30th birthday when his own grandmother will stop at nothing to prevent it? Willy de la Fuente (Jose Angel Llamas) has grown up believing that women are only interested in him for his money. Instilling those thoughts into him is his grandmother Gertrudis (Sully Montero), who raised Willy after his parents passed away but has no love for the boy and wants him to lose his inheritance. Gertrudis arranges a marriage for Willy with Margot (Marjorie de Sousa), a young woman she can control. But Willy refuses to obey and places an ad in the newspaper for a bride. Mariana (Elizabeth Gutierrez), who needs money to help her family, answers the ad. Can Willy and Mariana stand up against his formidable grandmother with a contract relationship? “Love Contract,” also known in Spanish as “Amor Comprado,” is a 2008 telenovela by Cisneros Media that originally aired on Univision.
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Original title
Amor Comprado
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2008-01-21 to 2008-07-08
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