Passion of the Heart

Corazon Apasionado

EN 95% Venezuela, Romance

Passion of the Heart


After the death of her first love, a woman lives a bitter lonely life — until she finally learns to love again, but at what cost?

Patricia Campos (Marlene Favela) and her three siblings were raised by their grandmother, Ursula (Susana Dosamantes), a wealthy landowner with an iron hand and a matching disposition. Although Ursula forbid it, Patricia falls in love with Marcos (José Guillermo Cortines), a poor farm hand who tragically dies, leaving Patricia heartbroken.

Years later, Patricia has grown into a bitter, cold woman just like her grandmother and has devoted her life to managing their family ranch. One day, the new ranch foreman, Armando Marcano (Guy Ecker), melts Patricia’s heart and teaches her to love again.

But when Patricia’s beautiful cousin Fedora (Jessica Mass) wants Armando for herself and the supposedly dead Marcos suddenly reappears, are Patricia and Armando destined to be apart?

“Passion of the Heart,” also known in Spanish as “Corazon Apasionado,” is a 2011 telenovela produced by Cisneros Media.

Original title
Corazon Apasionado
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
02-13-2012 to 11-05-2012
Venezuela Romance Telenovelas Drama


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Passion of the Heart Episode 1
Episode 1
EN 97% Venezuela
Passion of the Heart Episode 2
Episode 2
EN 100% Venezuela
Passion of the Heart Episode 3
Episode 3
EN 100% Venezuela
Passion of the Heart Episode 4
Episode 4
EN 100% Venezuela
Passion of the Heart Episode 5
Episode 5
EN 97% Venezuela
Passion of the Heart Episode 6
Episode 6
EN 100% Venezuela


Guy Ecker
Main Cast
Marlene Favela
Main Cast
Marjorie de Sousa
Supporting Cast

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