She had the kind of life other women would envy. But Shen Yi Zhen (Tian Xin)’s perfect seven-year marriage to Li Shao Wen (Chris Lee) has its issues. Living with overbearing in-laws, Yi Zhen also starts to lose her emotional connection to her husband, especially as she has miscarriages in their efforts to start a family. As the couple begins to talk less and less and begins to neglect one another, Yi Zhen begins to write down the things she wants to say to her husband in a daily diary instead. When she finds the patient ears of Shang En (Darren), the owner of a bookstore, Yi Zhen begins to feel closer to him as time passes. As Yi Zhen tries to discover what she needs for her own happiness, will Shao Wen let his wife go so easily?
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2013-06-28 to 2013-10-04
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