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Flowers in Fog


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Flowers in Fog


From the creator of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, this is her brand new story which has not been publish as a novel before. Xue Hua (Snow), Huo Hua (Fire), Lang Hua (Water) and Yan Hua (Fog) are four orphans, each with their own musical talent. They grew up together like soul sisters, once promised to never be apart no matter what. But the girls eventually were adopted into different families, they fall apart into separate path in lives. 16 years later, Huo Hua now called Ye Fan heard that Xue Hua has been living in France became a singer named Angel. In order to look for her long lost soul sister, Ye Fan enrolled into a Music Academy in France. However when she arrived, Angel was suspected to be dead, and the prime suspect was no other then Angel's ex boyfriend, the principle of the Music Academy Qi Yuan. In order to find out the truth and to seek revenge for Angel, Ye Fan intentionally tried to seduce Qi Yuan's younger brother Qi Fei, also a classmate with her at the Music Academy. But thing got out of hand, Ye Fan succumbed to Qi Fei's dedication and charm, in the end turning fake love into real emotion. Confused between her heart and her head, Ye Fan left France to go back to Shanghai, focusing on supporting her now struggling family and looking for her other two soul sisters Lang Hua & Yan Hua. Qi Fei also arrived in Shanghai not long after to compete in a Piano Championship on behalf of his brother music school in France. Still deeply in love, he used the opportunity to look for Ye Fan. Not only Qi Fei forgave Ye Fan's mistake he also determined to clear up all misunderstandings surrounding Angel's death and win back Ye Fan's heart. Finally all secrets come to light, true love conquered all obstacles, Qi Fei and Ye Fan realised they belonged to each other not only in the music world but also in real life.

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Flowers in Fog Episode 1 Fan Channel
Episode 1
EN 75% China
Flowers in Fog Episode 2 Fan Channel
Episode 2
EN 14% China
Flowers in Fog Episode 3 Fan Channel
Episode 3
EN 4% China
Flowers in Fog Episode 4 Fan Channel
Episode 4
EN 0% China
Flowers in Fog Episode 5 Fan Channel
Episode 5
EN 0% China
Flowers in Fog Episode 6 Fan Channel
Episode 6
EN 0% China


Yao Yuan Hao
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Red Rose In The Rain (Yu Zhong De Hong Mei Gui): Flowers in Fog Fan Channel
Flowers In Fog OP Opening Theme Song - Hua Fei Hua Wu Fei Wu: Flowers in Fog Fan Channel
Hui Sa Qing Chun - Ray Zhang: Flowers in Fog Fan Channel


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