What happens when your life seems to be going great but then it suddenly veers off-course? Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) thought everything was fine until her promotion is taken away from her, her boyfriend dumps her, and she gets an unwanted roommate. But the roommate, Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang), is a designer who has returned to Taiwan from New Zealand in order to confess his feelings for Shen Hai Lun (Aggie Hsieh), who happens to be the daughter of An Lei’s boss and the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, He Ting Wei (Zhuang Kai Xun). But Ting Wei had promised An Lei years ago that if they were both single by the time they were 35, he would marry her. With Hai Lun now in his life, Ting Wei is rethinking is past promise. Can An Lei and Yi Kang carry out their own “Operation Fighting for Love” to break up Ting Wei and Hai Lun? “The Pursuit of Happiness” is a 2013 Taiwanese drama series directed by Li Qing Rong and Xu Wei.
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Original title
Romanized title
Ai De Sheng Cun Zhi Dao
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2013-10-11 to 2014-01-03
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