What will a young man do when his mother has an inflexible rule that all of her children must marry before the age of 30? Wan Sheng Ren (Chris Wang) faces the wrath of his mother if he doesn’t meet her marriage deadline. As a result, he is determined to find a “little angel” from his childhood, but he doesn’t know the girl’s name or any other information that could help track her down. The only thing he does have is a handkerchief with a logo on it. When he discovers that the logo is for the Happy House, a family-run inn, he goes to work there. There, he meets Xu You Ai (Serena Fang) and her three sisters. Could one of the sisters be the “little angel” that he is trying to find? “Love Family” is a 2013 Taiwanese drama series.
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Original title
Romanized title
You Ai Yi Jia Ren
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2013-10-29 to 2014-02-10
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