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Emergency Couple
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Some couples marry for love but can’t overcome the objections of their families. Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk), a medical student, falls in love with and marries Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), a dietitian, despite the objections of Chang Min’s family, which is full of successful doctors. Chang Min’s family cuts him off and he is forced to drop of medical school and go to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep, but the strains and pressures from his family finally wear on the couple, and Chang Min and Jin Hee divorce. After they separate, Chang Min returns to his medical education and Jin Hee also puts herself through medical school. Years later, they meet up again unexpectedly when they both start their internships in the emergency department of a hospital. Can the couple survive their three-month rotation in close proximity to one another? “Emergency Couple,” also known as “Emergency Man and Woman,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Cheol Kyu.

Original title
Romanized title
Also known as
EC, Emergency Boy and Girl, Emergency Man and Woman
Volunteer Team
Romance in the ER Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2014-01-24 to 2014-04-05
Korea Romance Korean Drama Comedy Drama


Lee Pil Mo
Main Actor
Choi Yeo Jin
Main Actor
Choi Jin Hyuk
Main Actor
Song Ji Hyo
Main Actor

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