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Jao Sao Salatan

EN 100% Thailand, Romance

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Jao Sao Salatan


When Khemika discovers her twin, Kwanta and that her twin has gone missing, she poses as Kwanta to find out what happened to her. Chanon, Kwanta’s husband,is confused by his unfaithful wife’s reappearance. Hurt by her infidelity, he can neither forgive nor forget, but deep down, he still loves her despite his claims otherwise. When Chanon finds himself falling for his wife “again,” will he survive being deceived again? Will Khemika be successful in her quest, and what happens when she starts falling for her brother-in-law? Stay tune to find out.

Original title
Jao Sao Salatan
Volunteer Team
My Bride
Broadcast Period
2014-01-13 to 2014-03-25
Thailand Romance Comedy Crime & Mystery


Jao Sao Salatan Episode 1: Monsoon  Bride (Part 1) Fan Channel
Jao Sao Salatan Episode 2 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 2 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Jao Sao Salatan Episode 3 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 3 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Jao Sao Salatan Episode 4 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 4 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Jao Sao Salatan Episode 5 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 5 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Jao Sao Salatan Episode 6 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 6 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand

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