"Romanian Subtitling School Project" RoVikiTrad (RVT) = romanian translators on viki The Romanian community on viki is pretty significant as a whole, but we have very few translators - and even fewer who are currently active. Romanian Subtitling School was born out of desire - the desire for better prepared translators, better translations and/or moderators - and out of necessity - we needed a place where all the Romanian “wannabe” volunteers could go and learn how viki works, how we (the Romanian community) work, and maybe figure out if they’re ready to be part of all that is viki - especially since there are many, many people who sign up very excited and “ready to work”, but they give up halfway, when they learn it’s really not that simple. The “School” gives new users the chance to see what it really means to be part of a project, of a team, to have a level of responsibility, what it really means to translate - and do a good job at it, not just because you’re bored or because you want to improve your english. (this being the two main reasons we receive when we confront the “abusers” on different channels). This is where they learn that “volunteering” doesn’t mean “do whatever you want, however you want”, that it means “do the best that you can”. We already had our “Romanian guide to translations” on community discussions, but a simple list of rules was in no way a guarantee that people really “got it”, so we decided to take a more practical approach, and make them learn by doing - and by having someone explain, point by point, where and what they’re doing wrong, and how to do it better. The first step, that everyone goes through, is reading the viki rules and the translation guidelines. Then, if someone wants to be part of the school, he/she will be assigned a supervisor and a project (1-2 episodes of an abandoned drama - a drama that hasn’t been fully translated into Romanian for whatever reason). The “pupil” translates, the “teacher” edits - again and again and again, until the teacher feels that the pupil has reached a stage where he/ she has learned and mastered everything that is to learn and can manage working on “real” projects (without supervision). Everything depends on the pupil and on how fast he/she translates and learns. Some people only need to be told once, others need to be told a couple of times until they get it right. And this is the point where they “graduate”.

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