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Dum Khum

EN 100% Thailand, Romance

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Dum Khum


Not wanting to marry Tuthiya, a man who looks down on country folks, Dum paints her body black and pretends to be an uncultured woman to make Tuthiya despise her and break off their arranged marriage. Sure enough, he does.

Original title
Dum Khum
Broadcast Network
Channel 7
Broadcast Period
2009-01-18 to 2009-02-21
Thailand Romance


Dum Khum Episode 1 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 1 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Dum Khum Episode 2 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 2 (Part 1)
EN 99% Thailand
Dum Khum Episode 3 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 3 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Dum Khum Episode 4 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 4 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Dum Khum Episode 5 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 5 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand
Dum Khum Episode 6 (Part 1) Fan Channel
Episode 6 (Part 1)
EN 100% Thailand

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