The Legend of Fragrance

Butterfly Fragrance, Die Xiang
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During the Republican era, a family empire famous for making the best fragrances and incense must guard against those who are out to steal their secret recipes. Ning Zhi Yuan (Li Yi Feng) is the sweet young master of his family’s fragrance empire. An Le Yan (Tiffany Tang) is a determined young woman who is out for revenge against the Ning family. Zhi Yuan falls in love with Le Yan, but she only wants to infiltrate Zhi Yuan’s family to steal a valuable perfume formula. Le Yan’s true heart is drawn toward An Yi Chen (William Chan), an inspector. But Xiao Hui (Shu Chang), the daughter of a Japanese imperialist, is determined to capture Yi Chen’s heart at all costs. Can Zhi Yuan protect his family’s livelihood and his own heart? “The Legend of Fragrance” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by He Shu Pei.