Invincible Love


Mainland China, Melodrama

Invincible Love


To what lengths will a wife go to save her husband’s life? Su Yun (Alyssa Chia) has been happily married to Zi Wen (Han Qing) for the past 10 years. On a family vacation, they run into Xie Yong Kang (Wu Xiu Bo) an old friend of Zi Wen’s. While Yong Kang seems happy to see Su Yun again, Su Yun is uneasy by the chance encounter. It turns out that on Zi Wen and Su Yun’s wedding day 10 years ago, Yong Kang confessed his love for Su Yun, and she slapped him and chased him away from the wedding. Yong Kang ended up leaving the city but he has now returned and is determined to try again to win Su Yun away from Zi Wen. Yong Kang finds out that Zi Wen’s company is in financial trouble, and he approaches Su Yun and offers to help out Zi Wen’s company if Su Yun spends a night with him. Su Yun turns him down, but when Zi Wen gets into a car accident and they can’t afford his surgery fees, will Su Yun be forced to go to Yong Kang to save Zi Wen’s life? “Invincible Love” is a 2010 Chinese drama series.

Original title
Romanized title
Da Ai Wu Di
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Invincible Love Volunteer Team
Broadcast Period
Mainland China Melodrama Romantic Comedy


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Alyssa Chia
Main Cast