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How long can you maintain a web of lies? Li Xia Xi (Jia Qing) is a woman who desperately wants a better life for herself. Xia Xi grew up under impoverished circumstances due to her father, Li Guo Liang (Li Tian Zhu), whose incompetence and bad gambling habit could not support his family. Xia Xi never forgave him for her mother’s sudden death from a heart condition. To put herself and her younger brother, Li Dong Xu (Prince Chiu), through school, Xia Xi took a job as a tutor for the Jiang family’s youngest son, Jiang Yi Ming (Li Mao). But when Xia Xi falls in love with the eldest son, Jiang Yi Bin (Zhang Xiao Long), she lies and says that she is an orphan in order to hide her embarrassing father and marry into the family. But Xia Xi’s lies slowly unravel around her. Dong Xu becomes torn between the love of Sun Jia Yuan (Xu Lu) and Jiang Yi Shan (Chen Meng Chen), who happens to be Yi Bin’s younger sister. Then Guo Liang saves Yi Bin’s life and reappears in Xia Xi’s new idyllic life. What will Xia Xi do now? “The Wife’s Lies” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Xu Fu Jun. It is a remake of the 2012 South Korean drama series “My Daughter Seo Young.”

Titulo original
Título romanizada
Qi Zi De Huang Yan
Equipo de Voluntarios
Gone with the Shirt team
Red de difusión
Hunan TV
Periodo de emisión
29/03/2015 - 27/04/2015
China Continental Melodrama Comedia romántica Drama


The Wife's Lies Episodio 1
Episodio 1
EN 100% China Continental
The Wife's Lies Episodio 2
Episodio 2
EN 99% China Continental
The Wife's Lies Episodio 3
Episodio 3
EN 100% China Continental
The Wife's Lies Episodio 4
Episodio 4
EN 100% China Continental
The Wife's Lies Episodio 5
Episodio 5
EN 100% China Continental
The Wife's Lies Episodio 6
Episodio 6
EN 100% China Continental


Wang Zi
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Jia Qing
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Zhang Xiao Long
Reparto Principal
Xu Lu
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