The Village Achiara's Secret

The Village, The Village: The Uninvited
The Village Achiara's Secret
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The Village Achiara's Secret


Achiara is known as a quiet and peaceful village with hardly any crime. One day, Han So Yoon moves to the village to start her career as an English teacher. On her first day in the village, she accidentally finds a buried corpse. Her discovery shocks not only the town but also the villagers. And the villagers start to speculate on the identity of the dead person, and who and what made her get killed. The victim is known to be Kim Hye Jin who teaches painting in the town. And Yoon Ji Sook is suspected as the culprit. However, as the investigation led by So Yoon and the police develops, it turns out that more people could be involved and that the case is more complicated than how it looks. And the story grows more mysterious.