90 Days, Time to Love

90일, 사랑할 시간

Korea, Drama

90 Days, Time to Love


What happens to a love that is taboo and goes against society’s morality? Hyun Ji Seok (Kang Ji Hwan) and Go Mi Yeon (Kim Ha Neul) are high school sweethearts. But they discover that they are cousins, and their love is forbidden by society’s mores. So they go their separate ways. Years later in Seoul, Ji Seok is now a university professor and Mi Yeon is a scriptwriter. Their paths cross again and they can’t deny their feelings for each other. Ji Seok and Mi Yeon decide to give up their lives and move to the United States so that they can be together. But Ji Seok’s father runs in front of a truck and commits suicide to prevent Ji Seok from following through with his plan and bringing shame on their family. Guilt-ridden over his father’s death, Ji Seok again decides to break up with Mi Yeon. Ji Seok marries Park Jung Ran (Jung Hye Young), and Mi Yeon marries Kim Tae Hoon (Yoon Hee Seok). Ji Seok endures a loveless marriage for almost 10 years before he learns that he has a terminal illness with only 90 days to live. When Ji Seok wants to spend his remaining days with the only woman he has ever loved, will his wife agree to such an unconventional request? “90 Days, Time to Love” is a 2006 South Korean drama series directed by Oh Jong Rok.

Original title
90일, 사랑할 시간
Romanized title
90il, Saranghal Sigan
Also known as
90 Days of Falling in Love, 90 Days of Love, 90 Days of Romance
Volunteer Team
Time to love Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
11-15-2006 to 01-04-2007
Korea Drama Korean Drama Melodrama Romantic Comedy


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Kang Ji Hwan
Main Cast
Kim Ha Neul
Main Cast
Yoon Hee Suk
Main Cast
Jung Hye Young
Main Cast

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