My Love Patzzi

내 사랑 팥쥐

Korea, Drama

My Love Patzzi


Do you believe everything you see? In this upside-down retelling of a classic Korean Cinderella folktale known as “Kongji and Patzzi,” the bad girl is not what she appears to be. Yang Song Yee (Jang Nara) is a hot-tempered, candid young woman whose smart mouth often gets her into trouble and on the bad side of everyone around her. When she stages a school play based on the folktale “Kongji and Patzzi,” she gets fired from her job as a schoolteacher because the reversal of the good and bad characters in the classic story upsets the school administrators and the parents. Her friend, Eun Hee Won (Hong Eun Hee), helps Song Yee get a job as a mascot at the amusement park where she works. Although everyone likes Hee Won because she is pretty and seems so nice on the surface, Hee Won is actually hiding her scheming, calculating nature from those around her. When she realizes that both Kim Hyun Sung (Kim Rae Won), a seal trainer at the amusement park and a childhood crush, and Kang Sung Joon (Kim Jae Won), the son of the amusement park owner, have fallen in love with Song Yee, Hee Won will do anything to steal Sung Joon away. Will Song Yee’s sharp tongue keep her from finding her true love? “My Love Patzzi” is a 2002 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Jin Suk.

Original title
내 사랑 팥쥐
Romanized title
Nae Sarang Patjwi
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Broadcast Period
08-26-2002 to 09-19-2002
Korea Drama Korean Drama Melodrama


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Kim Jae Won
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Jang Nara
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