Which Star Are You From

넌 어느 별에서 왔니

Korea, Romantic Comedy

Which Star Are You From


When you develop feelings for someone purely based on their looks, can it be considered real love? Choi Seung Hee (Kim Rae Won) is a young director whose career is on the rise after a successful international film debut. After making a splash with his film in Australia, he meets the aspiring musician Lee Hye Su (Jung Ryeo Won) and falls deeply in love with her. While driving to go out to eat one day, Seung Hee proposes to Hye Su but ends up in a car accident that kills Hye Su. Devastated by the loss of the love of his life, Seung Hee becomes a recluse for three years, never leaving his apartment and drinking nonstop to try to numb his heartache. Han Jeong Hoon (Park Si Hoo), the head of a film company, tries to pull Seung Hee out of his funk and encourages him to get back to work. When Seung Hee finally ventures out of his apartment, he sees a young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hye Su and follows her back to her country home. The woman, Kim Bok Shil (Jung Ryeo Won), thinks Seung Hee is an unemployed man and offers him lodging for the night because she is always looking for opportunities to make money. Struck by the beauty of the countryside and increasingly drawn to Bok Shil, Seung Hee decides to film his next film project in Bok Shil’s hometown, and Bok Shil eventually lands a job as Seung Hee’s assistant. But can Bok Shil have more than just a coincidental resemblance to Seung Hee’s lost love? “Which Star Are You From” is a 2006 South Korean drama series directed by Pyo Min Soo.

Original title
넌 어느 별에서 왔니
Romanized title
Neon Eoneu Byeoleseo Watni
Also known as
What Planet Are You From, What Planet Are You From?, Which Star Are You From?
Volunteer Team
Which Star Are You From?
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
03-13-2006 to 05-02-2006
Korea Romantic Comedy Comedy Drama Korean Drama Melodrama


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Kim Rae Won
Main Cast
Jung Ryeo Won
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Park Shi Hoo
Main Cast
Kang Jung Hwa
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