First Love of a Royal Prince

황태자의 첫사랑

Korea, Romantic Comedy

First Love of a Royal Prince


There are the men you chase after and then there are the men who are thrown at you by fate. Kim Yu Bin (Sung Yuri) comes from a poor background but works hard as a sandwich delivery person as she dreams of a more exciting life. She has a crush on the very first person she made a sandwich delivery to: Cha Seung Hyun (Kim Nam Jin), the handsome manager of Any Electronics. When Yu Bin wins a trip to a ski resort in Japan, she is excited to visit her friend Shin Ye Seo (Jennie Lee), who works as a tour guide there. But her otherwise enjoyable trip is spoiled when Choi Gun Hee (Cha Tae Hyun) suddenly jumps into her cab and is forced to spend the entire day with her. Gun Hee is the lackadaisical son of President Choi Eun Chul (Lee Deok Hwa), who owns the resort and many others. Although Gun Hee is supposed to be studying hard in the United States, he was visiting the Japanese resort to celebrate his birthday with his friends and girlfriend, Lee Hae Mi (Jin Jae Young), a rising actress. Gun Hee jumped into Yu Bin’s cab to avoid being caught by his father, who made an unexpected trip to the resort, and left his wallet behind in his haste. When Yu Bin later gets her dream job as a tour guide in Bali, she is shocked to learn that she will be working alongside the annoying Gun Hee. Things get complicated when Seung Hyun and Hae Mi show up at the resort to shoot a commercial for a new product launch for Any Electronics. What will become of Yu Bin’s dream life now? “First Love of a Royal Prince” is a 2004 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Kwan Hee.

Original title
황태자의 첫사랑
Romanized title
Hwang-tae-ja-ui Cheot-sa-rang
Also known as
Prince’s First Love, Prince First Love, A Prince’s First Love
Volunteer Team
Prince's First Love
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
06-23-2004 to 08-26-2004
Korea Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Drama


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Kim Nam Jin
Main Cast
Sung Yuri
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Cha Tae Hyun
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Jin Jae Young
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