I Really Really Like You

진짜 진짜 좋아해

Korea, Romantic Comedy

I Really Really Like You


A country girl lands on national TV for having found a rare 100-year-old bellflower root. When her foster “grandmother” suddenly dies, Yeo Bong Soon (Eugene) leaves the only life she knows in the countryside and takes the valuable root to help finance her new life in Seoul as she searches for her real parents. With her impeccable taste and excellent cooking skills, Bong Soon enters a cooking competition that lands her a job as an assistant cook in the Blue House kitchen. At first, Bong Soon is an easy target for ridicule by the kitchen staff and others around her, including the presidential bodyguard Nam Bong Ki (Lee Min Ki), a lackadaisical playboy who doesn’t like to waste time on women who don’t measure up to his high standards. But Bong Ki slowly warms up to Bong Soon, just as Bong Soon falls for Jang Joon Won (Ryu Jin), a man she saved after an accident in the countryside. Unknown to everyone, Joon Won is the president’s son, a secret he tries to keep from his coworkers at the hospital where he is a doctor. Joon Won also is married and has a 5-year-old daughter, but his wife has been suffering from severe dementia for the past three years. Where will Bong Soon’s heart lead her in her new life in the big city? “I Really Really Like You” is a 2006 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jin Man.

Original title
진짜 진짜 좋아해
Romanized title
Jinjja Jinjja Jyongahae
Also known as
Love Truly, Really Really Like You
Volunteer Team
I Really Really Like You Volunteer Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
04-08-2006 to 08-06-2006
Korea Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Comedy Drama


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Lee Min Ki
Main Cast
Main Cast
Ryu Jin
Main Cast
Jang Yong
Supporting Cast

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