School-Themed Drama Specials

드라마 스페셜 - 학교

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School-Themed Drama Specials


There is no other more impressionable period in your life than your school years. These nine drama specials explore the many issues that today’s students face that make this period in their lives the toughest they may ever face.

In “My Friend Is Still Alive” (2013), Kyung Sook (Lee Gi Kwang) is terminally ill with leukemia and wants to kiss his first love before he dies. Can his best friends, Chi Hyun (Lee Joo Seung) and Myung Soo (Kim Chang Hwan), help track down Kyung Sook’s first love to fulfill his last wish?

In “Different Cries” (2014), Ryu Ji Hye (Kim So Hyun) confronts her brother, Ryu Ji Han (Son Seung Won), to try to find her absent father so that she can get a passport to study abroad.

In “18 Years” (2014), Seok Hyun (Kim Heung Soo) is a rising boxing athlete in high school but a family tragedy forces him to give up his dream to run his mother’s fish market. His younger brother, Seok Joo (Seo Young Joo), vows not to live like his older brother.

In “Boy Meets Girl” (2010), Ji Wan (Seo Shin Ae) is a 12-year-old science prodigy who forms an unlikely friendship with Hyun Chu (Yoon Hee Suk), a middle-aged, unemployed man.

In “Yeongdeok Women’s Wrestling Team” (2011), Joo Young (Lee Jong Hyuk) asks Bong Hee (Lee Se Young), a young woman who rescued him from a bridge, to join a women’s ssireum (Korean wrestling) team.

In “Country of the Rain” (2013), Moon Na Ra (Jung Eun Chae) is a teacher who develops a special relationship with Son Woo Ki (Yoo Min Kyu) because they both lost someone they love on the same rainy day.

In “Middle School Student A” (2014), Eun Seo (Lee Yul Eum) and Na Yun (Lee Han Na) decide to undermine Hae Joon (Kwak Dong Yun), a new student who comes to their middle school and takes over the No. 1 ranking.

In “A Faded Memory” (2013), Young Jae (Ryu Soo Young) is involved in a car accident that leaves him with no memories of his past life. When a package arrives one day with his old wallet containing a photo of a smiling woman, can Soo Ah (Nam Bo Ra) help him find out who the mysterious woman is?

In “The Scary One, The Ghost and I” (2010), Kang Doo Sub (Lee Won Jong) is a legendary gangster boss who hires private detective Kim Yong Soo (Park Ki Woong) to help him get rid of a ghost (Kim Min Ji) haunting his gang.

“School-Themed Drama Specials” is a collection of nine drama specials, which originally aired as part of the “KBS Drama Special” series. Check out all the other great drama specials in this collection: “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 1,” “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2,” “Unexpected-Life Drama Specials” and “Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials.”

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