Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2

드라마 스페셜 - 로맨틱 코미디 2

Korea, Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2


If you are in the mood for a romance, in all its expressions, joyful, tender, quirky, sad or even tragic, then you are in the right place with this great collection of romantic drama specials!

In “Outlasting Happiness” (2013), Seon Ju (Ryu Hyun Kyung) gets herself into an uncomfortable situation when she impulsively goes to the ocean with Jeon Ki (Jeong Eun Wu), a stranger she meets and kisses.

In “Strawberry Ice Cream” (2011), Kwon Ki Jung (Kim Young Hoon) is the perfect boyfriend except for the fact that he is perpetually late. On the same day that Joon Kyung (Uhm Hyun Kyung) breaks up with Ki Jung, the bus he is supposed to be riding crashes and he is classified as “missing.” But why does Joon Kyung keep getting text messages from Ki Jung?

In “Mellow in May” (2012), Han Oh Wol (Jo An), a train construction manager, falls in love with Park Dong Hoon (Ki Tae Young), a passenger, after a few encounters; but are they doomed to never cross paths again?

In “My Wife Natalie’s First Love” (2012), Myung Chul (Park Won Sang) finds himself in a loveless marriage after bringing his wife, Natalie (Kim Ye Won), to Korea to marry six months ago. But what happens when Natalie falls in love with the town doctor, Jung Eun Woo (Kim Jung Hun), and Myung Chul’s first love, Ye San Daek (Kim Ji Young), comes back into his life and wants him back?

In “Hurry and Tell Me” (2010), Jung Ki Young (Bae Soo Bin) and Choi Young Hee (Kim Gyu Ri) have been coworkers and best friends for nine years. Can they help each other find the right marriage partners?

In “Still Cut” (2012), Hyun Soo (Namgoong Min) is a part-time lecturer at his alma mater university who aspires to become a full-time professor; but he learns his competition for the job is none other than Seo Eun Soo (Moon Jung Hee), his first love who still makes his heart race.

In “Snail Boarding House” (2010), Bang Joon Sung (Lee Kyu Han) sees his small world turned upside down when the quirky Mi Ryu (Seo Ji Hye) moves into his men-only study dorm!

In “The Great Gye Choon Bin” (2010), spunky kindergarten teacher Gye Choon Bin (Jung Yu Mi) helps shy therapist Wang Ki Nam (Jung Kyung Ho) to overcome his fears and learn to love.

Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2” is a collection of nine single-episode South Korean drama specials that explore the many facets of love and romance. They were a part of the “KBS Drama Special” series. Check out all the other great drama specials in this collection: “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 1,” “School-Themed Drama Specials,” “Unexpected-Life Drama Specials” and “Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials.”

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드라마 스페셜 - 로맨틱 코미디 2
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