Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials

드라마 스페셜 - 범죄 수사

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Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials


If you’re in the mood to watch crime, film noir or other experimental dramas, check out these great single-episode drama specials.

In “Stay Still” (2015), police detective Park Chan Soo (Lee Moon Shik) sees his world turn upside down when his daughter disappears and his good friend, Yang Joon Sik (Lee Joo Seung), is arrested for the crime.

In “Monster” (2014), Tae Suk (Yun Joon Suk) is student at an elite university who accidentally kills a young woman, but can his well-connected family get lawyer Hyun Soo (Kang Sung Min) to keep Tae Suk out of jail?

In “Ward 7” (2014), Su Jin (Shin Yi) and Ji Hoon (Kim Jung Min) are police detectives who are married to each other. What will they do when they have to have to a test tube baby to investigate a new case?

In “The Tale of the Bookworm” (2014), scholar Su Han (Han Joo Wan) is commissioned to hunt down a missing revolutionary book during the Joseon Dynasty.

In “Live Shock” (2015), Eun Beom (Baek Sung Hyun) is a young man who is raising his little sister, Eun Byeol (Kim Ji Young) while operating a successful website for part-time job seekers. When he agrees to appear on a talk show, it turns into a dangerous hostage situation.

Other great titles to explore in this genre include “The Unwelcome Guest” (2013), “Knife Barber” (2012), “The Great Dipper” (2012), “Pandemonium” (2012), “I’m a Butterfly” (2010), “True Steel” (2012) and “Their Perfect Day” (2013).

Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials” is a collection of one-episode drama specials that originally aired as part of the “KBS Drama Special” series. Check out all the other great drama specials in this collection: “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 1,” “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2,” “School-Themed Drama Specials” and “Unexpected-Life Drama Specials.”

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드라마 스페셜 - 범죄 수사
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