Unexpected-Life Drama Specials

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Unexpected-Life Drama Specials


When life gives you lemons, how do you make lemonade? In this this great collection of single-episode drama specials, life shows its ironic side by throwing curveballs at people’s lives.

In “Why I’m Getting Married” (2014), long-term couple Seung Wuk (Song Jong Ho) and Ji Won (Park Hi Bon) are finally getting married, but what happens when Jun Ki (Hong Jong Hyeon) comes back into Ji Won’s life?

Dreaming Man” (2014) a desperate love story about a man who dreams deadly accidents, and is determined to prevent the death of the woman he cares for (yes, that's probably where "While You're Dreaming" got its idea). Excellent actors and an unexpected twist.

Illegal Parking” (2014) shows how an insignificant event, coupled with a trivial misunderstanding, can escalate beyond belief, leading to a profound life change. Don't worry, it has a happy ending though.

Came to Me and Became a Star” (2013) is the antipode of a romantic comedy, showing how the demands of real life can shatter dreams. Watch only if you are in a stable and pleasant situation.

In “Secret Garden” (2010), Yeo Jin (Baek Jin Hee) and Gi Rim (Min Ji) are high school best friends who both aspire to become writers, but are torn apart by a man, Jong Hak (Lee Dong Gyu), who comes into their lives.

In “Like a Miracle” (2012), Myeong Ju (Nam Sang Mi) is a liver specialist who goes on a strange adventure to try to locate a patient (Li Chun Hi) who mistakenly thinks he has cancer and has become the leader of a village in the woods which inspires other terminal patients to live with health food, exercise and a positive attitude. What will happen when it is revealed that he's not a cancer survivor after all?

My Dad is a Nude Model” (2014) tells the story of a middle-aged family man who suddenly becomes unemployed and desperately seeks a way to continue support his family - an amazing performance by veteran actor Song Ji-Ru. You're not likely to forget this one any time soon. The ending will leave you with a smile.

The heart-warming “Oh Man Bok Is Pretty” (2014) portrays a foster family who everyone would wish to have (father and mother are played by Park Chul Min and Kim Hyang Gi). 14-year old Man Bok tries to find her birth father and then has to deal with the consequences using the way of love that her new family has taught her.

Stunningly realistic and powerful, “Stone Day” (2014) shows what happens after the end credits of the romantic dramas. Twenty years after, poverty and shattered dreams turn tender lovers into resentful enemies. Who is at fault, who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? The answer is not easy to find. And, most importantly, is there a fire of love yet burning under the cinders?

The small gem that is "Yeon Wu’s Summer” (2013)" a mellow look on identity and self-worth, as well as a tender love story, brought leading lady Han Ye Ri a well-deserved acting award.

"Hair Show" (2014) is a 4 episode mini-series, a romantic comedy taking place the world of hair design. Its cliché plotline and characters make it seem more of a normal k-drama than a Drama Special: however it's pleasant and well made, and much shorter than a drama, without any dragging. Makes one wish that many k-dramas adopted that format!

I’ll Be Dead Soon” (2014), is delightful and insightful, many people's favorite from this collection. A man leading an uneventful, unromantic life, gets diagnosed with a terminal illness. He then decides to throw his usual caution to the wind and, withdrawing all his money, live as extravagantly as he wishes and fulfilling his wishes. Don't worry, though: Drama Specials love twists, and there's no way that they would reveal in the title what is going to happen in the end!

Jin Jin” (2013) is another thought-provoking story. A newly famous writer, Jin Jin, is murdered. A detective investigates her 3 best friends from high school whom she planned to meet the day before she was murdered. Is it possible that one of them is the culprit?

In “Hair Day” (2015), a man (Choi Tae Hwan) who suffers from an inferiority complex over his receding hairline will do anything to find the money for a transplant, and thinks his luck is turning around for the better when money starts falling down from the sky. But in life nothing is easy.

The Three Female Runaways” (2014) shows the unlikely comradeship formed by three very different women: a rich schoolgirl, a hostess and a housewife, who want to affirm their own rules and decide for their own lives. Refreshing and satisfying.

"The Pianist" (2010) features idol Choi Min Ho, surprisingly good in his very first acting role, as a young genius pianist, born poor, without connections and without hope. An average music teacher encourages him to fulfill his dream, but is scared of their age difference. Will the two be able to overcome the obstacle?

Unexpected-Life Drama Specials” is a collection of single-episode South Korean dramas that explore life’s unexpected events and surprises. They were a part of the renowned “KBS Drama Special” series, known for its excellent choice of writers, directors and actors - you'll see here many who have since become very well-known names! 

Check out all other great drama specials in this collection: “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 1,” “Romantic Comedy Drama Specials Part 2,” (beware, many of those are not comedies but tragedies but yes, love is the theme) “School-Themed Drama Specials” (not your average school fare!) and “Crime and Film Noir Drama Specials.”

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