Adolescence Medley

사춘기 메들리

Korea, Drama

Adolescence Medley


A high school transfer student tries to lie low until his next move. Choi Jung Woo (Kwak Dong Yeon) has moved seven times because of his father’s job so when he arrives at the small-town Namil High School, he goes into “invisible” mode to just survive until he will inevitably move again. But something is a little different about this high school. The class president, Yang Ah Young (Lee Se Young), tries to befriend him and pulls him into doing a lot of school chores against his will. His seatmate, Im Deok Won (Kwak Jung Wook), is a popular target of bullying by the seniors. Jung Woo tries to stay out of it, but when he throws a bag of snacks at the bullies one day, it hits the toughest bully, Lee Yeok Ho (Choi Tae Joon), who immediately challenges Jung Woo to a fight. Things get even more complicated when Jung Woo tries to push Ah Young away by asking her out on a date, but she says yes! And Jung Woo volunteers to participate in the dreaded National Singing Contest knowing that his father is being transferred again in a few days and he won’t have to go through with it. But what happens when Jung Woo is suddenly forced to deal with all his troubles instead of running away? “Adolescence Medley” is a four-episode 2013 South Korean drama miniseries directed by Kim Sung Yoon. It was part of the KBS Drama Special series and is based on the webtoon “Adolescence Medley” by Kwak In Geun.

Original title
사춘기 메들리
Romanized title
Sachungi Medeulli
Also known as
Medley of Youth, Puberty Medley, Teenage Medley
Volunteer Team
Forever Young
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
07-10-2013 to 07-31-2013
Korea Drama Korean Drama


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Choi Tae Joon
Main Cast
Lee Se Young
Main Cast
Kwak Dong Yeon
Main Cast
Yoon Park
Supporting Cast


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