A young girl named Li Zi Yun takes on the identity of Shao Chun Hua and becomes a palace maid, befriending the gentle Bai Han Xiang. Although she wishes to spend her days peacefully, her intelligence evokes jealousy, and Ling Qi Qiao, a fellow palace maid, does her best to make her life even more difficult. Following the death of Emperor YingZong, the Crown Prince's ascension to the throne as Emperor XianZong marks the beginning of a conflict between women in the Royal Harem.

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The Royal Harem Team
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China Drama


The Royal Harem Episode 1 Fan Channel
Episode 1
EN 100% China
The Royal Harem Episode 2 Fan Channel
Episode 2
EN 79% China
The Royal Harem Episode 3 Fan Channel
Episode 3
EN 94% China
The Royal Harem Episode 4 Fan Channel
Episode 4
EN 99% China
The Royal Harem Episode 5 Fan Channel
Episode 5
EN 97% China
The Royal Harem Episode 6 Fan Channel
Episode 6
EN 100% China


Feng Shao Feng
Main Cast
Ady An
Main Cast

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