Single Wife

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How do you overcome such a major obstacle to a second marriage? Lee Ra Hee (Uhm Hyun Kyung) is a divorced woman who is enjoying great success in her career as a celebrity designer for the largest furniture company in Korea. She is engaged to be married to Hwang Jae Min (Kwak Hee Sung), the CEO of a major hotel. As Ra Hee is preparing for her second marriage, she is shocked to discover that her divorce from her first husband, Lee Min Hong (Sung Hyuk), was never legally finalized. As Ra Hee tries to correct this mistake, the situation becomes complicated when Min Hong gets into an accident and develops amnesia, forgetting that he and Ra Hee ever divorced. What will Ra Hee do now, especially with Hwang Hyo Rim (Yuna) waiting in the wings to take her place with Jae Min? “Single Wife” is a 2017 South Korean drama series directed by Jung Yoon Soo.