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Death Notify: The Darker


If the law won’t punish the scums of the Earth, a vigilante serial killer will. A mysterious killer named “Darker” goes after criminals who evade legal punishment and leaves a death notification card as his calling card at the crime scene.

To capture the vigilante, the police forms a special task force comprised of eccentric professionals led by the idiosyncratic Luo Fei (Guo Jing Fei). Working with him are the cranky profiler Mu Jian Yun (Gan Lu), the straight-laced captain Han Hao (Li Min Cheng), the Goth forensic pathologist Liang Yin (Li Qian), the cowardly crime lab specialist Yin Jian (Jing Chao), hacker Zeng Ri Hua (Su Dan), and the unpredictable combat specialist Xiong Yuan (Wang Jing).

With each crime scene left behind by the mysterious Darker, the task force discovers the horrendous crimes committed by the victims who had evaded prosecution. Can the task force work together to stop the vigilante killer?

“Death Notify: The Darker” is a 2014 Chinese drama series directed by Zhou Lin Hao. It is based on the novel Si Wang Tong Zhi Dan by Zhou Hai Hui. The series is followed by the second and third seasons, “Death Notify: Darker 2” (2015) and “Death Notify: Darker 3” (2017).

Original title
Romanized title
An Hei Zhe
Also known as
Death Notify, Death Notify: The Darker, The Death Notice: Darker
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The Light in the Dark Team
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Broadcast Period
06-10-2014 to 08-15-2014
Mainland China Crime & Mystery Action & Adventure Thriller & Suspense Drama


Death Notify: The Darker Episode 1
Episode 1
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Death Notify: The Darker Episode 2
Episode 2
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Death Notify: The Darker Episode 3
Episode 3
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Death Notify: The Darker Episode 4
Episode 4
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Death Notify: The Darker Episode 5
Episode 5
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Death Notify: The Darker Episode 6
Episode 6
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Guo Jing Fei
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Gan Lu
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Li Min Cheng
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Li Qian
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