Fighter of the Destiny


Mainland China, Fantasy

Fighter of the Destiny


After being abandoned in a flowing river as a child and saved by a Taoist monk, a young man must search for a magical stone that holds the key to his future.

Chen Chang Sheng (Lu Han) is the fourth Prince of the royal Chen bloodline, but he was abandoned as a child and has an incurable disease that could end his life before the age of 20. He decides to leave the Taoist temple, where he has become a disciple, in search of a magical stone that could change the course of his life.

Along his life-changing journey, Chang Sheng encounters Xu You Rong (Gülnezer Bextiyar), a young woman whose life he saved as a child, and she joins him on the journey. The two fall in love, but Bai Luo Heng (Janice Wu), a princess and protector of the beast clan, is determined to save Chang Sheng and capture his heart.

Can Chang Sheng find what he is looking for and fulfill his destiny?

“Fighter of the Destiny” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Zhong Shu Jia. It is based on the novel Way of Choices by Mao Ni.

Original title
Romanized title
Ze Tian Ji
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Subbers of the Destiny
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Hunan TV
Broadcast Period
04-17-2017 to 06-01-2017
Mainland China Fantasy Costume & Period Drama


Fighter of the Destiny Episode 1
Episode 1
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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 2
Episode 2
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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 3
Episode 3
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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 4
Episode 4
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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 5
Episode 5
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Fighter of the Destiny Episode 6
Episode 6
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Lu Han
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Joseph Zeng
Main Cast
Wu Qian
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