Tree in the River


Mainland China, Romantic Comedy

Tree in the River


Growing up, Wang Da Shu (Mike He) harbored a huge crush on his childhood friend, Chu Zhi He (Gillian Chung) but the fear of embarrassment keeps him from finding the courage to confess his feelings. As time passes life leads the two down different paths but Zhi Hi always holds a special place in Da Shu’s heart.

Years later, the two meet again under the most unexpected circumstances. Once friends, now roommates, the two begin to re-discover the unique personality traits that make the other special. Simple and upright, Da Shu reminds Zhi He of a gentle giraffe while her tiny stature, combined with her sweetness and ambition, often remind Da Shu of a busy little squirrel. But these two aren’t the only ones in the city to have quirky animal traits.

Like a wolf on the prowl, Qin Hao (Ray Chang) spends his days on the hunt, always on the look-out for the next lady’s heart to devour. While cautious and careful Fen Ni (Sonia Sui), is more like a panther, winding her way cautiously through life, her guard always up. As these four search for ways to survive in the wilds of the urban jungle, they come to find life is much easier when nestled in the shade of the tree called love.

A fun romantic romp in the urban wilds, “Tree in the River” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Qu You Ning and Xu Wei.

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Dong Wu Xi Lian Ren A
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03-29-2018 to 05-31-2018
Mainland China Romantic Comedy


Tree in the River Episode 1
Episode 1
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Episode 2
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