Love Catcher

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Some people are out to find true love. Others are just in it for the money! In a fun new reality survival series, 10 strangers live together for eight days under the same roof. Some of them are “love catchers,” who are looking for true love. But some are “money catchers,” who have entered the competition to win the prize money of 50 million won (approximately $44,600). In order to win the money, money catchers have to try to identify a love catcher to partner up with. If they end up choosing another money catcher, they are eliminated from the game. Love catchers have avoid falling for a money catcher in their quest for true love. TV personality Shin Dong Yup serves as the main host of the show, and he is joined by comedian Jang Do Yeon, mystery author Jeon Gun Woo, love expert Hong Suk Chun, singer Lady Jane, and NU’EST’s JR as commentators. “Love Catcher” is a 2018 South Korean reality series.