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A member of the imperial family, Chong Liming (Huang Zi Tao), grew up fully devoted to his country. Returning to China after studying abroad, the young imperial quickly finds himself caught up in his country’s political struggles. Along the way, he meets Ah Yi (Jackson Yi), a young man of low birth who, through a series of events, becomes Chong Liming’s closest friend.

Recruited to Yan Shi Fan, an elite league of guards tasked solely with defending the palace, Ah Yi is forced to overcome an endless number of challenging obstacles. Always rising to the occasion, Ah Yi makes a name for himself as a loyal compatriot. Meanwhile, Chong Liming has trials of his own to overcome as power struggles against foreigners, the triads, and the corruption which has plagued the Qing Dynasty courts for years, all trying to bring him down.

Forced together through hardship, the two become fast friends but as time passes, things between them begin to change. Devoted to his family, Chong Liming is forever loyal to the royal family while Ah Yi finds himself drawn towards the power of the new Republic of China.

Directed by Liu Yi Zhi, and adapted from Han Lu’s, popular comic, “Yan Shi Fan” is a 2019 drama which tells the story of two young men whose friendship is put to test as they struggle to find their places during one of China’s most pivotal moments in history.

Original title
Romanized title
Re Xue Tong Xing
Also known as
Yan Shi Fan, Brilliant, Brilliant Young People
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Mainland China Costume & Period


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Huang Zi Tao
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Jackson Yee
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Hu Bing Qing
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Wang Rui Chang
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