Princess Weiyoung

The Princess Weiyoung, The Princess Wei Young
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Princess Feng Xin’er (Tiffany Tang) grew up safe and loved, in her Northern Liang home but her carefree life comes crashing down when her father is accused of treason and her entire family is murdered by the power-hungry marshal of the Northern Wei. Barely escaping with her life, Feng Xin’er is determined to avenge her family’s death. The only question is, how? With the death of the Prime Minister’s daughter, Li Weiyoung, Feng Xin’er sees an opportunity and grabs it. Disguising herself as the now dead princess,Feng Xin’er takes on the role of the late Li Weiyoung and infiltrates the royal house of the Northern Wei. Driven by an all-consuming need for revenge, the new Princess Weiyoung does everything in her power to bring down the house of her enemies, but even the best laid plans don’t always go as expected. Caught up in a world of politics and passion, can Princess Weiyoung find a way to rise above the turmoil and make peace with her past?