Skate into Love

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Li Yu Bing (Steven Zhang) is a shy, quiet boy at elementary school. He dreams of becoming a professional hockey player and is blessed with enormous talent. But he cannot stand his tablemate, the loud and abrasive Tang Xue (Wu Qian), who despite her shared love of the ice rink, enjoys bullying and belittling him. When they grow up, they are unexpectedly reunited at university, where their fates have taken very different paths. Li Yu Bing is now the most celebrated ice hockey player at the university – while Tang Xue’s dreams of becoming a professional speed skater are beginning to crumble. Li Yu Bing initially sees the reunion as an opportunity to take revenge on the girl who once made his elementary school days such a nightmare. He uses his position of influence within the university to enlist Tang Xue as his assistant – hoping to torment her. But things do not go quite as planned. Little by little, Li Yu Bing notices that Tang Xue is not all bad, and understands that she can actually help serve as a great source of inspiration for his own sporting dreams. In turn, he helps her fall in love again with the sport she was on the verge of giving up. However, their newfound harmony on the ice is not going to be trouble-free – especially when the duo must contend with disapproving parents and love rivals… This drama was based on a novel written by author Jiu Xiao Qi. “Skate into Love” is a 2020 Chinese drama series directed by Chu Yui Bun.