I Bought My Boyfriend on a Loan

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Hard-working Tae Ukishima (Erina Mano) has but one dream: to marry a competent man and spend the rest of her life living as a devoted housewife. There’s just one problem, her current boyfriend, Shunpei Shiraishi (Fuchikami Yasushi) is a horrible cheat. Doing everything she can to try to convince herself that this is really the man for her, Tae overlooks his shortcomings in the hopes of someday living happily ever after. But a girl can only take so much!  Stressed at work and in love, Tae decided to find herself a new man in a rather unconventional way. Hiring Jun Setsuna (Ryusei Yokohama) to be her boyfriend, Tae hopes this new relationship will help. But can she really be happy with a man who is only with her because he needs the money to pay off his debts? A story of evolving relationships and true love, “I Bought My Boyfriend on a Loan” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Hiromasa Kato.