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War of Prosecutors


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War of Prosecutors


Being a prosecutor is not all glamorous work – busting international crime rings and bringing crooked politicians to justice, as Cha Myung Joo (Jung Ryeo Won) soon discovers!

She was once the rising star of her department, working at a central prosecutors’ office, dealing with newsworthy cases. But now she has been transferred to a small branch office in a provincial town, where her daily work is far more mundane!

At the branch office, she meets Lee Sun Woong (Lee Sun Gyun), a fellow prosecutor with a very different outlook on life and what the role of a prosecutor should entail.

The two are poles apart when it comes to their methodology. Cha Myung Joo is cold and meticulous, insistent on abiding by the letter of the law. But Lee Sun Woong takes a more pragmatic approach, chatting to the people he investigates – always keen to discover the human stories behind the crimes he investigates.

It looks like the two prosecutors are on a collision course, with both disapproving of each other’s methods. Can they find a way to work together – or will the battle of the district prosecutors get ugly?

This drama was based on a hit 2018 book by South Korean prosecutor Kim Woong, detailing his real-life experiences as part of the country’s judicial system.

“War of Prosecutors” is a 2019 South Korean Viki Original drama series directed by Lee Tae Gon.

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12-16-2019 to 02-13-2020
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War of Prosecutors Episode 1
Episode 1
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War of Prosecutors Episode 2
Episode 2
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War of Prosecutors Episode 3
Episode 3
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War of Prosecutors Episode 4
Episode 4
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War of Prosecutors Episode 5
Episode 5
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War of Prosecutors Episode 6
Episode 6
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Jung Ryeo Won
Main Cast
Lee Sun Gyun
Main Cast
Lee Sang Hee
Supporting Cast
Jeon Sung Woo
Supporting Cast

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