I've Fallen For You

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As a child, Tian San Qi (Esther Yu) had an insatiably curious nature. Always asking questions, she could never seem to quench her thirst for knowledge. While many tired of her curiosity, there was one older boy who was always willing to humor her. Side-by-side, the two spent many happy days together, but their happiness didn’t last long. Disappearing without a trace, the little boy was suddenly snatched from her life, leaving San Qi with a broken heart and an unwavering determination to find her missing friend.  Years later, San Qi is as determined as ever to find the boy disappeared, taking her heart with him, but the quest hasn’t been easy. Now a forensic doctor, San Qi has spent years honing her skills, hoping they’ll help her find her friend. But so far, her efforts have been completely fruitless. The only bright side to her endless quest is the number of friends she’s made along the way.  With a group of highly skilled friends by her side, San Qi stumbles upon a series of cases that seem closely related to the disappearance of her old friend. As fresh clues begin to reveal themselves, the band of friends uncover a heinous conspiracy that’s been ten years in the making. Have they uncovered the truth too late or is there still a chance for San Qi to find the boy who stole her heart, all those years ago? Adapted from the novel, “Jin Xin Ji” by Han Xue Fei, “I’ve Fallen For You” is a 2020 romance drama directed by Zhou Tong and Dai Meng Ying.