The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen

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Woo Jin Ah (Jin Ji Hee) is a senior student at high school, with just months to go until her final SAT-equivalent exams. She has always tried to fit in with the crowd but feels unfulfilled and anxious. One fateful day, she decides to start a pseudonymous social media account where she can finally express the way that she feels. Unexpectedly, the account is a runaway hit at school, leading her classmates to speculate as to who might be behind the posts. Also attempting to navigate his way through the final stages of high school is Woo Jin Ah’s childhood friend Chan Sol (Nam Yoon Soo), a one-aspiring soccer player whose promising career was cruelly cut short by injury. Also in the class is Han Yu Ri (Kang Min Ah) – a student who appears to be perfect, but actually harbors a dark secret. As the exams approach, hidden stories will be exposed and romance will come to the fore… “The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen” is a 2020 South Korean drama series that was co-directed by Kim Ki Yoon and Ko Jae Hong.