Song of Youth

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During the reign of the Long Qing Emperor in the Ming Dynasty (the mid-1500s), Lin Shao Chun (Bai Lu) is the daughter of a once-powerful government official. But after being accused of embezzlement and corruption, her father – and the rest of the family – fell from grace. In an attempt to make ends meet, she joins a troupe of traveling performers – where she meets Sun Yu Lou (Wang Yi Zhe), the heir of a rich family. He falls in love with Lin Shao Chun at first sight. But she has no intention of remaining in the performing troupe. Instead, Lin Shao Chun intends to avenge those who wronged her family. She plans to join the civil service, and disguises herself as a man in order to take the necessary examinations. Sun Yu Lou resolves to help her, although his family vehemently opposes at first. Regardless, the duo begins to form a close bond and eventually marry. However, when she discovers that a member of her husband’s family may have played a role in her own family’s fall, Lin Shao Chun finds herself at a crossroads... “Song of Youth” is a 2021 Chinese period drama series that was directed by Gao Han and Bai Yun Mo.