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As a man who possesses good looks, a high IQ, and incredible wealth, Zhu Xuan Wen (Wan Yan Luo Rong) wants for nothing. A rarity among men, he is the sort of man every woman dreams of and every man secretly wishes he could be; and yet, Xuan Wen is not what he seems. Involved in a car accident at a young age, Xuan Wen developed a strange neurosis which, over the years, has only gotten worse. Believing he is Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty, Xuan Wen cares for nothing other than the prosperity of his imaginary empire. Foregoing all duties in his everyday life, Xuan Wen leaves the management of his company in the hands of others to focus instead, on building himself a palace and managing his thriving empire. Not knowing what else to do, those closest to him agree they need to seek professional help on his behalf. Hiring Luo Kai Huai (Zhuang Da Fei), a mental health professional whose desperate need for money prompts her to take Xuan Wen’s unusual case, they leave Xuan Wen in her care. Now a member of the emperor’s “harem”, Kai Huai must find a way to help Xuan Wen but his constant attempts to drive her away make the job all but impossible. Constantly clashing with the would-be emperor, Kai Huai must find a way to help Xuan Wen, but how? Adapted from the novel “My Delusional Boyfriend”, by Ye Zi, “Love Script” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Liu Han Yang.