May December Couple

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Murakami Maiko (Aoi Wakana), aged 24, is the daughter of a business owner. She is straight-talking and pure of heart, but has never been in a romantic relationship. One day, her father asks him to go on a blind date with one of his work acquaintances, a man named Hanasato Harumi (Takezai Terunosuke). On paper, this match is as terrible as they come: Murakami Maiko has lived a sheltered life, and Hanasato Harumi is a 44-year-old divorcee. She agrees to go on the date to please her father, while Hanasato Harumi only concedes to the meeting because he values her father as a business partner. But when they meet, she discovers that he is actually both attractive and has a good personality. She instinctively makes her feelings for him known. Against his better instincts, he also starts to fall for Murakami Maiko. But when – on just their third date – the issue of marriage comes up, things get very serious very suddenly. Their fledgling romance then comes under sudden threat when one of Murakami Maiko’s platonic school friends resurfaces – and confesses that he has feelings for her too. Could the odd couple really go the full distance, despite their 20-year age gap...and tie the knot? “May December Couple” is a 2020 Japanese drama series that was directed by Hiroki Ryuichi.