Absolute Boyfriend

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Riiko (Aibu Saki) is an office worker who dreams of becoming a top pastry chef. She has had a rotten love life so far: Whenever she falls for a man, he ends up rejecting her and she has thus never had a real boyfriend. One day, a sales manager from a tech startup named Kronos Heaven convinces her to take part in a pilot involving an android who is designed to be the perfect lover for all women. She agrees to take on this cybernetic boyfriend for an initial one-week trial, naming him Night Tenjo (Hayami Mokomichi). The latter proves to be a doting, sincere, and loving boyfriend, although he often causes Riiko embarrassment by frankly telling her acquaintances that he is her “perfect boyfriend.” Things get even weirder when Night Tenjo takes on a job as a janitor in the firm where Riiko works – and when Soshi (Mizushima Hiro), an executive at the company with family ties to the ownership, decides to profess his love for her, after years of admiring her from afar. When Kronos Heaven attempts to pull the plug on Night Tenjo, he does not want to quietly be decommissioned and fights to remain with Riiko. But will Riiko choose her perfect high-tech lover or his human rival? “Absolute Boyfriend” is a 2008 Japanese drama series that was directed by Masato Hijikata, Genta Sato, and Manabu Kitagawa.