A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College

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Sang Qi (Zhao Lu Si) is a young woman who grew up at the very border of the Empire, where she developed into a free-spirited, energetic, and intelligent person. Yan Yun Zhi (Xu Kai Cheng), meanwhile, is the new acting head of the prestigious Imperial College – the place where the finest scholars in the land are trained. Yan Yun Zhi has vowed to be upright and reform the college. Sang Qi decides to visit the college and see what Yan Yun Zhi is like for herself, but the first meeting between them is problematic – as she stops the path of his carriage before it can collide with a noblewoman. Sang Qi also runs into Zhuo Wen Yuan (Ren Hao), her childhood friend, who is now residing in the capital. She tells him that she has promised to enter the Imperial College – which usually only enlists young men from noble families. Although the task will be hard, she will not give in easily, as she is hoping to fulfill the last wish of her late elder brother. But as she begins her quest to win acceptance to the prestigious institute, it appears that both her childhood friend and the righteous head of the college have begun to develop feelings for her! “A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Xu Pei Shan and Cai Guo Li.