Side Story of Fox Volant

The Young Flying Fox
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In a realm dominated by martial arts experts, heroes, and villains, Hu Fei (Qin Jun Jie) is a young, brave, justice-loving man on a quest for revenge. His father was killed, leaving him an orphan – and thirsting for vengeance. During his quest, he encounters a tyrannical warlord who he believes has wronged him and others. But things get complicated when he then falls for that same warlord’s daughter, the stunning Yuan Zi Yi (Liang Jie). Hu Fei slowly begins to mellow, and also becomes involved in a mission to find a medical cure that will help restore the sight of a man who has been struck blind. While he searches for this medicine, he meets the young female apprentice of the Poison Hand Medicine King, a woman named Cheng Ling Su (Xing Fei). She appears to have feelings for him, too, complicating matters of the heart. But as he continues on his quest, Hu Fei starts to suspect that he may have a secret identity – and that his father’s death did not quite happen in the way he originally believed... This drama was based on a novel of the same name that was written by Jin Yong. “Side Story of Fol Volant” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lian Yi Ming.