Penguin Musume Heart
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Super natural Akiba girl Sakura Nankyoku, known as Penguin and her classmates, Kujira Etorofu who is talented in martial arts and Nene Kurio, known as "Kurione" a girl who heals everyone around her, will spin a storm in their school! The story goes on at private school Hokyoku Gakuen. Sakura Nankyoku centers her world in animation and loves to cosplay anytime. It is a high tension comedy with her friends, Kujira Etorofu, Nene Kurio and her other lovely mates along with stimulating rivals.
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Original title
Also known as
Penguin Girl HeartPenguin Musume ♥ Heart (Japanese)ペンギン娘♥はぁと (Japanese)
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Broadcast Period
2008-04-19 to 2008-11-25
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