Circle of Love

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On what should have been the happiest day of her life, Gu Meng (Guan Chang) suffers a life-altering blow. Losing her family and her fortune in a massive fire, Gu Meng transforms, from a blushing bride into a devastated woman, in an instant. Unable to accept her tragic fate, Gu Meng vows to have her revenge on those responsible for her loss. Utterly convinced that her would-be husband, Xiao Hong Ye (Li Jiu Lin) is responsible for the fire that stole everything from her, Gu Meng bides her time, waiting for the perfect chance to exact her revenge. Ever the victim of terrible luck, before Gu Meng can begin her plot for revenge, she’s involved in an accident that leaves her with no memories of her past. Waking up in a world where she has no idea who she is or where she came from, Gu Meng is soon forced to become a servant at Hong Ye’s estate.  Taking great delight in tormenting Gu Meng, Hong Ye successfully makes her life miserable. But in the midst of all his tormenting, he finds his heart softening for the woman who was once to be his wife. With his heart pulling him in unexpected directions and her memories slowly starting to return, will Gu Meng and Hong Ye’s unusual relationship lead them toward love or hate? Adapted from the web novel “Marshal, Your Wife Has Been Teased Again” by Shang Zi Yao, “Circle of Love” is a 2023 Chinese historical romance drama directed by He Jia Nan.