A young woman with her life planned out suddenly faces a major derailment of her carefully thought-out plans. Han Sang Eun (Eugene) grew up in Australia and just earned her law degree in the United States. She plans to marry her American boyfriend and live happily ever after, as they say. However, Sang Eun’s father opposes her mate choice and ships her off, against her will, to Korea to marry his best friend’s son, Kim Yeo Joon (Ki Tae Young). Although Yeo Joon is a successful doctor in Korea, Sang Eun has no interest in this arranged marriage. Yeo Joon, for his part, is equally disinterested. Can the two team up to find a way out of their impending fate? “Creating Destiny,” also known as “Making Fate,” is a South Korean drama series that aired from October 2009 to January 2010 and is directed by Jang Geun Soo. The story is based on the two novels Finding Fate and Making a Love Destiny by Hyun Go Woon.
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Original title
인연 만들기
Romanized title
in yeon man deul gi
Also known as
Making Fate, Seeking Love
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2009-10-10 to 2010-01-24
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